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Saturday, 28-Sep-2013 05:50 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Stunning Black and White Photography of Global Architecture

Frankfurt, Germany Photographer Maik Lipp (aka usrdck) has traveled the world to take pictures of unique architecture of each city visited. New York and Barcelona to Singapore and Hong Kong Dell 1440 battery, Lipp has captured the essence of the architecture of each city in black and white, from different perspectives.

The images of the photographers have two architectural monuments and construction drawings culturally rich surprising perspectives. Many shots Lipp seem almost abstract, geometric motifs repetitive but catchy arrangements. Sometimes the composition carefully adjusted, it is difficult to decipher what is seen and what angle. They are like pieces of a larger puzzle that is your city.

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Squiggly Seating Multitasking Chair

A multi -task chair, designed with a unique design that can be rearranged for different situations . The upper support acts as a file, an armrest or a work surface , depending on how you feel in it. Its characteristic : 1.Stress foam polyurethane foam on a metal structure. Stuffed with different covers and colors 2.Fully

How Sissi chair shown here is just one of many ways that can be restored to your heart's content ! The design consists of continuous stress resistant polyurethane foam on a metal frame which forms the seat and the leg, and a flexible arm which can be used as a backup or work surface from the point of smell ! With lots of vibrant color options that will add a pop to any abstract space.

Mobility is a fundamental attribute of the contemporary space (called ) . And there is no space as mobile as office space . As an expression of society and the structure of labor mobility is now universally extended office radiates and penetrates objects and architectural elements , modify the qualities of materials , we assume TYPERS thousands of products , versions and conceptual interpretation and application. Aso have a chair that is mobile in the way that supports the dynamics of the body as an eco - skeleton for comfort, a furniture system is mobile, because it can work anywhere , sitting or standing, at home or ATO office (assuming that there is a distinction between the two ) .

Over time, in the midst of shapes and materials Sony VGP-BPS27 , the mobile is also and above the key of each model that is open to new , multiple use and surprising interpretations , or acts as a carrier of technological solutions that really apart from the ordinary. You could say that all those who are mobile in the end they are , but in their own way .

Tuesday, 24-Sep-2013 05:18 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Delicate Flower Constructions by Anne Ten Donkelaar

Netherlands-based artist Anne ten Donkelaar expanding its intricate flowers landscapes two real pressed flower collage collecting paper with floral elements. dimensional collages series show that intertwined branches towards the top of the fabric to climb, decorated with pink peonies, vibrant blue cacti and small yellow roses. each overlay is attached to the fabric gently with tiny needles, creating dynamic low levels montaged vegetation.

Donkelaar will be influenced by the unique discoveries that are hidden in nature. his previous job was collected with butterflies in your damaged copies, then repaired by detailed pieces of textiles and paper products. You can take a look at the coverage of the broken butterflies design boom here.

Tuesday, 24-Sep-2013 04:17 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Camera Strapped to Soaring Eagle Provides Captivating POV

If you ever wondered what it would be, gracefully gliding through the air like an eagle, here is your opportunity to live your dream! This video offers literally bird's eye view of the world as an eagle hovering over the Mer de Glace, a glacier in the Chamonix valley in France, attached to the back with a video camera.

The sound of air rushing past provides a natural experience for viewers, which can be easily lost in the beautiful scenery and / or feel nervous about flight pattern sometimes unstable pilot. It is clear that in reality the camera mounted on the bird, but the video was recently posted on YouTube by user Srachi. If you are in need of a moment of tranquility and peace in nature during a hectic day otherwise, it is definitely see the Pet Supplies video!

Via :

Tuesday, 13-Nov-2012 15:32 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Apple iPad Mini Test : Design, lighting port

In our display measured values ​​must be beaten but other tablets: How the display with 350 candelas per square meter lights very bright indeed, compared to other tablets, this value is only good average. Similarly, it also looks at the chessboard Contrast: This goes with 130:1 while is fine, but not outstanding. Lithium m8403 batteries normally deliver 3 volts and higher, but Li-FeS2 produces 1.5 volts to be compatible with the AA and AAA formats. 

New look, old strengths
For the first time Apple is also major changes in the design of the newest model: The outstanding processed iPad Mini appears elegant, beautiful and simple. Apple now uses for it, similar to the MacBook, a unibody enclosure. The optical transition between the case and the glass front is performed by a striking bevelled edge. Among tablets, the iPad Mini, making it the wertigste device that we ever had in the lab. The air limitation of primary lithium Apple mb771 batteries is 2 grams (8 grams for rechargeable Li-ion). 

Despite some betagtem A5 processor, the iPad Mini bothered its users with not stuttering or annoying interruptions that put some Android-4-Tablets of the day. In practice, it sets an impeccable work rate of the day. From the idle state, it is ready for play, calling apps and switch between applications succeed without noticeable delays. Here lets iOS versus Google's Android operating system is clearly flexing its muscles. The new iPad mini, Apple made with the current iOS version 6.0. It also supports the tablet from the house of a language assistant Siri. This restricts each passenger to two cells but exceptions have been made in which 12 sample btp-aid1 batteries can be carried.

Weaknesses of the models sizes ironed
Although the iPad Mini is smaller and lighter than the other iPad models, suffers from the battery life is not among them: In the test, we could almost 9 hours straight through video or almost 7 hours surfing the Internet before the Tab needs to be plugged. Here is the mini both with most 10-inch laptops on the same level and is also the Google Nexus 7 after barely. This reached maturity in both tests in each case about 30 minutes more - this small difference is rarely significant. The iPad 3 already has an LTE interface that you can use in Germany is not. Here Apple has rectified, at least a little: So the new iPad mini radios now - as well as the iPhone 5 - in the 1,800 MHz LTE band. It currently only supports the German Telekom in the metropolitan area. The customers of the other network operators stay on topic LTE before only once outside, as can select for their 4G networks Fequenzbänder to 800 and 2,600 MHz are not operating the iPad Mini like Acer as09a61.

The new Lightning port provides in our tests for a much faster data transfer to the PC - but are older docking ports, for example, sound docks, not compatible with the new connection. The iPad Mini, Apple also opens up entirely new markets: there are of course for the new Tab Smart Cover again in many different colors. Due to the changing size, you can not use previously acquired Cover. Recharging, putting in a cell backwards or mixing with used or other as07b72 battery types could cause a leak or explosion. 

About the meaning of the 8-inch form factor is debatable. One thing is certain: The new iPad mini is also in this size class and absolute peak depends altogether even from its big brothers. This is mainly because Apple uses the strength of the 10-inch models (rapid iOS, peak processing, very good service life) and their weaknesses mended (weight, form factor). Checked the capacity of eight brand-name Alkaline btp-arj1 batteries in AA packages and discovered a discrepancy between the best and lowest performers of 800 percent. Criticisms are the only mediocre results in display and missing interfaces. All in all, the new iPad mini but deserves our number one ranking.

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